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Branding Strategy


  • Client: Provincial Council of Cáceres

  • Country: Spain


01. Intro

The brief

Cáceres is a province hidden in the heart of Spain, sinfrequently visited by local tourists and unknown to international tourists. The Provincial Council aimed to change this reputation and position itself as a sustainable destination, with the hope of becoming the most sustainable destination in Southern Europe.

In an effort to revitalize national and international tourism, Cáceres sought the assistance of an agency specializing in brand strategy and design to create its tourist brand and position the province. Mila Branders was tasked with creating the tourist brand for the province and thus propelling the destination onto the international stage.

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02. El reto

Creación de marca turística

The challenge consisted of developing a brand strategy and positioning for the province and its three major regional territories, creating the tourist brand and its application to territories and products, slogan and brand narrative,  identity manual for the brand and sub-brands, and the development of the online and offline marketing strategy for the brand launch in key markets, including the promotional video for the tourist destination launch.

Creating a brand with meaning

We traveled to Cáceres to dive deep into the spirit of the destination and led a series of interviews with members of the Diputación involved with the Tourism Department. These conversations revealed emotions that we used in the design of our brand, making sure that every elements has its own meaning, unique to Cáceres.



The custom typography is inspired from the shapes that can we found in the Province’s natural and architectonic elements. The open circle, symbol of connection with what is greater in the Zen philosophy, not only represents the letter “C” but is the building block of the entire font. Every letter flows into the next, until the “S” which is turned on its side to remind the “infinity” symbol, signifying the constant relationship between nature, patrimony and commerce, the 3 pillars of sustainability highlighted through symbols and colours.


The slogan “Living la vida relax” makes reference to Ricky Martin’s well-known song to position Cáceres as a Spanish territory for the international audience. However, the twist in using “relax” instead of “loca” highlights the existence of “another Spain,” the Spain of slow life, well-being, and relaxation.

Brand Guideline

The brand structure was conceived to simplify its utilization across various formats and platforms, both physical and online, catering to a diverse range of stakeholders.

It allows for versatile adaptation without compromising its essence, offering versions in color and monochrome, in white or black, in both complete and reduced forms.

Maintaining a clear segmentation of products and territories within a visually and thematically coherent framework is a key aspect.

Moreover, the structure is designed to facilitate the seamless coexistence with other brands or institutional elements.

03. Brand Launch

Communication strategy

Once the visual identity is complete, it’s all about the reveal. We devised a 1-year launch strategy that considered all channels and target audiences, both national and international.

The strategy contemplated a first phase focused on the actors of the tourism sectors from hospitality to producers, followed by full B2C deployment on digital and traditional platforms at international level.




04. Web & APP

Content Strategy

We developed the architecture and content strategy for the province’s tourism both B2B and B2C websites as well as the APP to be developed for future visitors.