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Ambroz-Cáparra unveils a tourist brand focused on active relaxation

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The Ambroz-Cáparra destination launches a new tourist brand

Mila Branders was the agency responsible for creating the brand image of the Ambroz-Cáparra tourist destination. With the aim of strengthening the destination as a reference for holistic ecotourism, contributing to wealth generation and tourism while preserving the well-being of its inhabitants.

The advertising agency Mila’s mission was to establish the brand’s positioning strategy, define its visual and verbal identity, and develop the communication strategy, particularly on digital platforms.

The brand is reflected in a logo inspired by the natural and human resources of the region, with the slogan Ambroz-Cáparra Active Rest as the protagonist. The logo depicts the union of two territories: the blue tones represent the richness of water, the river that crosses the region, and water-related activities, while the greens represent a healthy lifestyle, locally sourced products, and “reconnecting” with oneself.

The logo reflects the union of two significant territories, with blue tones representing the water resource, greens symbolizing a healthy lifestyle, oranges depicting the mosaic of landscapes, and gold signifying historic paths. Alongside the logo, an ambitious destination marketing plan has been unveiled.

Ambroz-Cáparra Marketing Plan and Presentation Event

The Mila Branders agency also created a roadmap that will enable the implementation of the new positioning strategy across all channels, in addition to a website tailored to each traveler profile, displaying Ambroz-Cáparra content according to their tastes and preferences. This strategy will be complemented on the destination’s tourism social media.

For the presentation, an event was held with prominent public bodies and representatives of the territory, led by Patricia Valle Corriols, delegate deputy for Tourism, and Luis Fernando García Nicolás, deputy for Intelligent Territorial Infrastructures and Mobility. Mila Branders was responsible for conveying the new image to those present, emphasizing the tourist brand of the Ambroz-Cáparra destination as a haven for “active relaxation.”

Among other promotional initiatives is the presentation of the new brand at FITUR, with the goal of promoting holistic ecotourism in the region. Encompassing various activities ranging from hiking, cycling, water sports, to those related to astrotourism or education, not forgetting visits to historical sites, the most ancient or original cultural events that tourists can enjoy at the destination, and not overlooking gastronomy and health care.

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