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The Gallery of Royal Collections launches its advertising campaign ‘The real moves you’

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The Gallery of Royal Collections opens its doors with a campaign that invites you to discover art through the reality of emotions

Under the slogan ‘The real moves you,’ the commercial invites you to discover all the possibilities of the newly inaugurated Royal Collections Gallery.

One of the country’s grand museums has finally opened its doors, and to celebrate its inauguration, it has launched a campaign in collaboration with the creative agency Mila Branders.

Under the concept ‘The real moves you,’ the commercial showcases a series of artworks and the architecture of the venue, reflecting the spirit of the Gallery. The iconic building of the Gallery, located at the heart of Madrid next to the Royal Palace, brings together more than 650 works of art and will showcase the richness of Spain’s national heritage to the world. A space to stroll from one work to another, explore the history of the country, and admire fragments of the history.

The real moves you

Art throughout history has always managed to create that sincere connection between the artwork and the viewer. That’s why the campaign “Lo real te mueve” brings the art displayed in the  Gallery of Royal Collections to a younger audience through one of their great passions: dance. In this campaign, significant forms of expression come together: painting, sculpture, architecture, and dance.

The campaign highlights some of its most representative masterpieces, such as Velázquez’s mysterious White Horse, Caravaggio’s Salome with the Head of John the Baptist, La Roldana’s Archangel Saint Michael defeating the demon, and the Solomonic columns. In the commercial, the architectural power of the rooms serves as the perfect stage to highlight the duality between history and modernity. In the foreground, dancers break down and reinterpret the artwork through movement and dance, just as the audience perceives and interprets what they see in their own way.

“The campaign aims to convey that unique, personal, different, and indescribable feeling that people experience in front of the same artwork. We don’t just film great works of art; through movement and music, the pieces can be interpreted by each person who experiences and loves art.” – Felipe Hernández Ibarra, Creative director of Mila Branders.

With the launch of this campaign, the Gallery aims to introduce its works to a new, younger audience and showcase the collections in a different, modern, and inspiring way.

In addition to the commercial, which can be seen in theaters and the five graphic pieces, the campaign will include press, radio, outdoor advertising, and digital media.



Campaign credits

Client: Royal Palace of Madrid, Gallery of Royal Collections
Client’s Representative: Consuelo Pelegry, Communications Director
Creative Agency: Mila Branders
CEO of the agency: Blanca Herrero Báguena
Creative Director: Felipe Hernández Ibarra
Art Direction: Igor Bevilacqua
Strategy Director: Melina Nardi
Director: Mendo
Campaign Photography: Óscar Calleja
Music: Fabio de Frel
Choreographer: Mar Aguiló
Production: Vietnam
Campaign Location: Gallery of Royal Collections
Title: “Lo real te mueve” (“The real moves you”)
Media Agency: Groupm
Country: Spain

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