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Branding Strategy

INTERREG European Union

  • Client: Interact EU

  • Country: Brussels, Belgium



Interreg is one of the main funding programs of the European Union, operating under the supervision of DG Regio to support innovative projects involving professionals from two or more EU nations.

Throughout the year, the organization and its 100+ programs began to lose sight of the bigger picture, focusing on daily tasks instead of the ultimate goal. As a result, they chose Mila Branders as their trusted consulting agency to rebuild the Interreg brand strategy and visual identity, and lay the groundwork for stronger and more cohesive communication.


Research & Diagnostic

In addition to an exhaustive online research, we conducted individual interviews with the Interact team, various online surveys, as well as a 2-day workshop (Brand Day) in Brussels with representatives of over 20 programmes from the hundred that conform the network.

The online surveys involved over a hundred programmes and thousands of projects across Europe. This allowed us to establish a qualitatively relevant basis for our considerations and conclusions in terms of brand health and brand reputation.

The study revealed a deep perception gap, dividing the brand’s stakeholders into two different “philosophies”. We also identified issues in the internal trickling down of the brand’s narrative, with a growing focus on administrative tasks causing failures to recognise and promote the bigger picture and overall meaning.


Our methodology of work is based on thorough and objective research and analysis. Through a combination of online and offline research, qualitative and quantitative.

In this case, the specific challenge was to design a strategy that truly encompassed the many realities experienced by stakeholders of different cultures working in dramatically diverse contexts. This is why we focused primarily on compiling insights taken from real-life situations.

This is how we were able to identity a strong need to refocus on the emotional and psychological aspects of the Brand, understanding that more practícal aspects would have to be adapted to each programme. We then develop a clear and unifying strategy that can be appropriated by all, unifying them around a common feeling of belonging.


Brand Day

During the Brand Day in Brussels, we conducted an enriching workshop with many representatives of Interreg programmes from different parts of Europe. For one and a half day, we talked about the true meaning of interregional collaboration and everything that defined Interreg. We explored innovative strategies, trends and new opportunities and worked together to find a new common definition for what was once a fund of the EU but has now grown to be much more.


Brand strategy

The brand strategy manual establishes all aspects of the brand that makes it unique and valuable: its essence, mission, vision, values, beliefs and reason-why.

While the Interreg Brand Strategy Manual retraces the key findings of the investigation and allows for a full practical understanding of the journey towards the definition of the new strategy, the Brand Narrative was created in order to inspire both internal and external audiences. It goes deeper into the origins of the brand, its history and reason-to-be, and focuses on uniting the Interreg communities by reminding them of the true mission and vision of the brand, bringing forward the emotional components that had been forgotten.



Brand Design Manual

Armed with the new strategy and narrative, we designed the new Interreg logo for the 2021-2027 funding period, with all its declensions for programme and projects logo. We applied the EU rules while looking for the most robust, harmonious and practical solutions for daily-life applications.

This Brand Book is the tangible result of estrategia process where every element was carefully thought through to help programmes, projects and partners apply the Interreg branding easily and efficiently. With a solution-oriented mindset, we focused on clear and precise yet flexible enough instructions.

This manual will be an essential tool to ensure the consistent and efficient application of the Interreg visual identity, a brand now strengthened through a strong essence and value proposition.