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Social Media Strategy


  • Client: Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

  • Country: France


01. Context

Région Sud, officially Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, is a region in the south of France with up to 5 million inhabitants. Through social media, the region keeps in touch with its residents, providing information, news and other valuable contents.

We were tasked with drafting their new digital strategy encompassing all their social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also provided creative ideas for new formats and contents and helped launch the brand’s TikTok.

02. Strategy

To develop the digital strategy, we first analysed in depth the current communication, the brand’s social media presence and conducted a general online investigation of the market and target audiences. We looked at the brand’s metrics, reputation and conducted a qualitative analysis of the online conversation.

This allowed us to draft a SWOT analysis and identify key challenges and opportunities.

Finally, we included in the strategy various creatives propositions for activities, contents and events, in line with local and international trends, to help boost the brand’s reputation and visibility.

03. Sub-brands strategy

ZOU ! and Europe

In a logic of continuity and coherente with the general digital strategy and the overall brand strategy (vision, mission, values and key messages), we developed specific social media strategies for the 2 main sub-brands ZOU ! regional transport and Europe in Région Sud. 

ZOU ! Transportes Públicos Regionales- Mila Branders

04. TikTok

Account launch

We were tasked with defining and executing a strategy for the launch of the region’s TikTok account. In just a month, we drafted the strategy, a content plan and prepared contents for 3 months. We proposed using local micro influencers to promote the region’s summer events and boost community from the start.

We also took care of creating videos from bank videos and recycled contents that could be easily produced with a very limited budget.


At the conclusion of the 3 months we were given to launch the account, we had already reached 1000 followers and thousands of Likes.

Unfortunately, despite our success, the priorities of the administration changed and the content creation efforts were redirected onto other platforms. It was decided to keep TikTok only as a marginal tool to reach younger audiences.