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Design Social Media Strategy


  • Client: Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

  • Country: France


01. Intro

The brief

The European Union finances thousands of projects in the Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur – also known as Région Sud. To give visibility to these initiatives, the region has set up a dedicated line of communication, with a dedicated website and social media, under the brand “Europe acts in the South”.

We were tasked with managing all the social media accounts of the brand, providing strategy support, design and creativity, community management and ad campaigns management.

02. Strategy

Brand positioning

Our first step consisted in a deep dive into the needs and challenges faced by the brand and its management team. We analysed the contents of the different pages and their specific audiences, contrasted with trends and best practices, in order to identify opportunities.
We then built a strategy that focused on re-targeting efforts towards Twitter as primary communication channel. We also recommended opening a LinkedIn account as we found it to be a preferred channel for our key audiences: professionals with a project in search of funding.
Furthermore, we proposed many creatives ideas for actions, activities and contents that would help boost the brand’s equity and reach, such as a contest to reward best projects, or an in-situ visits of recently completed projects with EU representatives and the press.

03. Branding

Identidad de marca

The General Director approved the strategy and we moved on to revising the graphic identity of the brand in social media and proposed to alternate photographic contents with illustrations that would be used specifically for calls for projects. This allowed us to drastically reduce the number of bank photos used thus upgrading the content quality and attractiveness – which translated into increased organic reach.

Just as we did for the regional brand of public transports ZOU !, we revised the use of fonts, color palette and distinctive modular shapes to provide the brand with a coherent and easy-to-use identity.

04. LinkedIn launch

At the end of 2022 we launched the LinkedIn account as recommended in our general digital strategy for the region. We started from scratch with key contents that would be used to clearly mark the tone for the account to ensure accurate segmentation of our incoming audiences. We also sent direct invitations to partners and existing networks, back with a 100 euro investment in new follower ads in order to give the community an initial boost.

In less than 6 months, we reached about 700 followers, surpassing other similar accounts of Europe in regions of France. We also reached an average interaction rate of 4.8%, showing better results than the main national page of Europe in France, even above the average interaction rate for LinkedIn.

05. Motion graphics

For the launch of the new web platforms, we produced an educational video in motion graphics. From script to design and realisation, we took care of every part of the production, focusing on simplicity and clarity so that any user could easily find the right funding for their project.

06. Stars of Europe Award

Online contest

To reward the best projects financed by the EU in the region, we had suggested in our strategy to organise a contest allowing the general public to vote for their favourite project. The idea was implemented under the name of “Étoiles de l’Europe” (” Stars of Europe”) and a jury was formed to select the 9 best projects amongst 40 that qualified. We were tasked to create and produce videos presenting these 9 projects in simple and clear terms so that anyone could grasp the nature of the project and its impact on the territory. Anyone who wanted could then access the videos on the dedicated web page and vote for their favourite. We also produced a video trailer of the contest, as well as stories, reels and other publications to promote the contest on all accounts.

Results of the online contest

The videos of presentation of the projects received over 2 million impressions resulting in 900 votes in 3 weeks throughout the region. A version of the trailer was adapted to be showed during the ceremony.

Award ceremony

The project that got the most votes from ten audience was chosen as “People’s favourite”, while a jury of EU representatives also elected their own favourite. The awards were delivered during a ceremony on the 9th of May, official Day of Europe.

We ensured coverage of the ceremony in-situ, creating live contents for all social media throughout the event. We published stories, reels and transmitted LIVE abstracts of the key moments on Twitter, including a LIVE retransmission of the a Cappella rendition of the European hymn.

04. Results

Exponential growth

In just one year, we reorganised all of the brands accounts to focus energies where it mattered based on our target audiences and strategic goals: Twitter and LinkedIn.

In Twitter, we managed to double our community and reached an average interaction rate of 4% – above the general average. In the T1 of 2023, we reached 360 unique page visits per month and over 7000 impressions, thus becoming a reference for other Europe accounts in France, so much so that some are already planning their own “Stars of Europe” contest and copying contents from our page!